Thursday, March 25, 2010


 Back in January I ordered my first Alice Pack, and got a good deal on it for $30.00 which included shipping.  It was supposed to be used, but to be honest, it looks brand new to me.  The price has gone up to$40.00 for the pack, but currently there's a excellent sale going on pricing them at 2 for $50.00!  That's $25.00 a pack and it's too good of a deal not to share with my friends.  So check out: and order yours.  The sleeping bags look pretty good too. I might get one to go with my bag.

Rod McGough

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free Documents On Prepping And, Well..., ANYTHING!

Here's a very useful website where people post original writings and documents of their own, and for the people who believe that the term "copyright" means "the right to copy"..., the writings of others.  That may change in the future though as there is currently a copyright infringement lawsuit against them.  Regardless, if you have a voracious appetite for reading about prepping, survivalism, homesteading, and all the related subjects that go with it, this is a great site to find those how-to manuals and instructionals. 

A word of warning though, one of the books available for download resulted in quite an explosion in a neighbor's back yard when my brother's rocket diverted from its intended trajectory.  Oh the things boys do when mommy is at work .

The website is:

One of the members made a nice directory that cuts down on a lot of searching.  Check it out at:

You have to sign up to be able to download, but it's free.  And it's one more valuable resource to building up your survival or prepping library.

Rod McGough

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Is One Great Book Sale (Roanoke VA)

As this blog pertains to prepping and surviving in the "Star City" area of Virginia, or at least it's one of my future goals, I just have to mention that the Roanoke County Library is again hosting a Spring Book Sale in April.  More than half of my books on gardening, camping, homesteading, country living, etc, all come from this sale hosted about twice a year. 

"Friends Of The Library (FOL)" get first pick on Friday, April 9, and as I use the library almost on a daily basis for free high speed Internet, 10 cent black and white copies or 25 cent color copies, free movies, and of course for all the books I read at the daycare, I have no problems with paying a small membership fee each year to help support this wonderful service.  Just hurdle past the movie section on your left, if you pause you'll blow a bundle on DVD's.  Then step over all the outdated computer books, worm your way past all the home school families digging for children's books, and head straight to the back.  On your left is usually hundreds of cook books, gardening, and natural healing books.  On your right you'll discover books on camping, country living, etc.  Further on down is religion, politics, etc.

It's open season with no limit, so get there early and bag a few books!

Rod McGough

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